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Always ready for action

Graphic designer | Junior UX Designer | Communicator

Graphic Design Funky Juice About Me Jose Luis Madrid

The world changed in 2020

and also did the design!

I decided to get a refresh! so, I have transformed and adapted myself too.
With a background as a Graphic Designer, I decided to reinvent myself and specialize in UX.

Recently, I designed a UX Website for an award-winning company. I have created a digital experience that engages the customers of an independent shop.

In general, based on competitive research and analysis, I provide a formidable and easy experience that helps my clients stand out from other companies. Feel Free to get in touch.

When I am not designing any type of webs, branding, products, etc., you can find me playing drums, boxing in the park, skating, or reading to my child a good kids story. I am thrilled to meet new people to chat about their passions and mines, particularly new startups and
how they overlap with design.